Monday, May 2, 2011

I adore good little servile sissy sluts. Those that know who they are and where their place it. Be it on their knees in front of My rubber dick, or dressed in a maids uniform cleaning My kitchen!

I enjoy forced feminization, dressing a sissy up and parading her about in front of My friends. Making her learn to walk, talk and act like a sissy husband or sissy slut.. whichever I prefer at the moment.

Do you think you have what it takes to serve a woman of such caliber? A woman who demands perfection and will punish your sissy ass if you fail? Then, princess, I suggest you introduce yourself properly when you call. Tell Me how you wish to serve as My very own phone sex sissy male. Then tell Me all the girly sissy things that you own. If you are very lucky I may take a liking to your sissy ass and even decide to name you or award you with special sissy assignments.

However, never forget, you are here for My entertainment, and will sissy train under one of the most powerful and strictest Mistresses online. Be prepared and then submit to your Goddess Mistress Supreme.

Catherine 1-888-662-6482

You will be charged to talk to Me!Have your credit card in hand.


*use them wisely, if you abuse the messenger option you will be blocked!*